Kempo Ju Jutsu

Kempo Ju Jutsu or Kempo Goshin Jutsu

is a complete unarmed combat system

based on Japanese empty hand Martial Arts

the rapid hand strikes of Kempo,
the kicks, punches, blocks and strikes of Karate,
the devastating and effective self defence techniques of Jujutsu,
the joint locks and throws of Aikido,
the throws, chokes, strangles and ground fighting of Judo,

Practical Realistic and Effective Close Quarter Combat

This is backed up by:

Stick, knife and weapons training from Kali Escrima,
Padwork and Sparring from Kickboxing and Savate,
Trapping, Energy Drills and Chi Sao sparring from Wing Chun

Learn from a 7th Degree Black Belt with over 30 years experience.


The British Shiro Tora  White Tiger Martial Arts Academy

Welcome to our website
We currently run two public classes a week:
Monday 8pm to 10pm
Wednesday 8pm to 10pm
at the British STMA hombu dojo
Caterham, Surrey CR3 UK
£5 a session
These classes are for all levels, beginner to advanced
This is an adult class over 18s only
There is no junior class
Our curriculum includes training methods from the following Fighting Systems:
Street Fighting . Self Defence. Urban Combat . Threat Response
Kali . Eskrima . Stick. Knife . Empty hand
Krabi Krabong. Muay Thai boxing
Kempo Karate . Kempo Jujutsu
Jun Fan . Wing Chun
Boxing . Savate Boxe Francais
Grappling . Wrestling . Judo . Jujutsu. Dumog
Ninpo TaiJutsu . Kobudo
Our system is currently taught to Police Officers, Door Supervisors,
Prison Officers and Security personnel
Learn from a 7th degree Black Belt with over 30 years experience
For further information contact us by email
Practical, Realistic and Effective Street Self Defence