White Tiger Weapons

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Kali –  Krabi Krabong – Kobudo

Stick – Knife – Staff – Sword – Spear

The wind element in STMA is weapons.

Just as the wind moves over the land, moving objects with it’s unseen power, so you move across the floor with your footwork, wielding your stick in your hand.

The sticks cut the air like wind, the crack of wood on wood is like thunder, the stick moves fast as lightning and when it strikes the enemy it lights up his nervous system with a  flash of pain.

In the body the Wind refers to the breath.


Krabi Krabong
Krabi Krabong is the weapons art of Thailand, the military weapons forerunner to the unarmed combat art of Muay Thai and the ring sport of Thai Boxing.

Kali is the weapons art of the Philipines, referred to as Filipino Martial Arts or FMA.

Though we do Japanese tanto training from Kobudo and Ninpo, the bulk of our knife training is from Kali

Kobudo – Bokken, Jo and Bo, Tonfa and Nunchaku

Okinawan and Japanese traditional weaponry.