How a class works


Each Class session is divided into three sections:

Weapons, Unarmed, and Kickboxing

Kali Weapons

Double stick

Single Stick


Unarmed Combat – Self Protection – Street Fighting 

Kempo Ju Jutsu or Kempo Goshin Jutsu
is a complete unarmed combat system
based on Japanese empty hand Martial Arts
the rapid hand strikes of Kempo,
the kicks, punches, blocks and strikes of Karate,
the devastating and effective self defence techniques of Jujutsu,
the joint locks and throws of Aikido,
the throws, chokes, strangles and ground fighting of Judo,
Practical Realistic and Effective Close Quarter Combat
* Self Defence for the Streets of Britain in the 21st Century
* Multiple opponents
* Weapon defence including gun and knife
* Street proven techniques and tactics

At some sessions we put the mats down and practice

Ground Fighting and Ground Grappling


For Kickboxing you need your own protective gear for partner drills and sparring.
Everything we teach is brought out in kickboxing sparring sessions

Drills and techniques are taken from Karate, Boxing, Savate, and Muay Thai

There is impact work on focus pads, Thai pads, and shields.