Practical, Realistic and Effective Street Self Defence

Practical, Realistic and Effective Street Self Defence
Traditional and Contemporary Martial Arts


Our system is currently taught to Police Officers, Door Supervisors,
Prison Officers and Security personnel


Learn from a 7th degree Black Belt with over 30 years experience


Tuesday 8.15pm to 10pm
at the British STMA hombu dojo
South Croydon CR2

£5 a session Pay As You Go

No joining fee, No membership fee, No contract


These classes are for all levels, beginner to advanced


This is an adult class over 18s only
There is no junior class


Our curriculum includes training methods from the following Fighting Systems:


Street Fighting . Self Defence . Urban Combat . Threat Response
Kali . Eskrima . Stick . Knife . Empty Hand
Kempo Karate . Kempo Jujutsu . Ninpo TaiJutsu
Jun Fan . Wing Chun
Boxing . Kickboxing . Padwork . Sparring
Grappling . Jujutsu . Dumog
 Kobudo Weapons . Sword . Jo . Bo . Tonfa . Nunchaku


For further information contact us by email


If you want to get fit go to aerobics.
If you want to get muscles go to the gym.
If you want to get flexible go to yoga.
If you want to learn to fight – come to see us!



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