White Tiger Jujutsu

Our Jujutsu is based on Traditional Koryo Jujutsu and Kempo Goshin Jutsu

We train through all 7 dimensions of grappling combat.


Ground Fighting as in Judo, Jiu Jitsu, and wrestling  – Pins, chokes, and locks.
We grapple with gi jackets and without.

Nage – Throws
As in Judo. We practice all kinds of throws, hip, shoulder, sweep, reap, sacrifice


Double and single leg takedowns down from the outrange fall into this category.

Catch kick takedowns

Fighting at Kickboxing range we catch or “shelf” the kick and perform our takedown.

Karate Sweeps

Fighting at Kickboxing range we sweep the leg to takedown the opponent, as part of an attack combination, or in defence

Immobilisations and Projections
As in Aikido, when we are grabbed on the wrist, sleeve or collar we use arm and wristlocks to immobilise or project the opponent to the mat.

This is when you are down and the opponent is standing.
Aikido and Jujutsu have different methods for this which we drill at class.

Learn from a 7th degree Black Belt with over 30 years experience.