Freestyle Karate and Traditional Karate sets

Freestyle Karate and Semi Contact Kickboxing are pretty much the same thing.

They have the same moves and ABCs and the same protective equipment and sparring rules.

J – Jab
gz – gyaku zuki
maw – mawashigeri – round kick
ura – uraken – backfist
haito – ridge hand
kek – kekome – side kick
mae – mygeri – front kick
hk – hook kick

r – rear
l – low

Freestyle Karate and Semi Contact Kickboxing sets


J – gz
J – maw
j – ura – gz
gz – j – gz

set 2

Gz – r haito
– henka “drive by”
– henka g, h, maw, ura
gz – haito – r hk
r maw – j – haito – hk

set 3

r maw – ura
maw – ura
mygeri – ura
kek – ura

set 4

ura – sp ura – gz
hk – ura – sp ura – gz
hk – spin hk – gz
hk – maw – kek

(set) Retreating:
jump kek – gz
kek, spin hook
(jump) spin hook – gz

Traditional Karate sets

In traditional karate kumite there are ABCs that also have application in padwork for sparring.
These sets are simpler and less flashy but more fundamental and direct.

set 1

gz – ura
ura – gz
gz – ura – gz
gz – maw
gz – maw – gz
maw – gz
maw – gz – maw

set 2

maw lo/hi – gz
maw lo/hi – hk
r maw – gz
maw – r maw – gz
r maw – gz – kiz – kek

Traditional Karate Set 3 – attack set

Jab, cross, hook, r hook, u

R lo maw, hi maw
Double chudan maw

R lo maw, hi maw
J, c, lo maw

Lo, hi maw
Kiz, switch hook
Hi maw

Lo maw
J, c, j
R hi maw

J, c, maw
U, r maw, hiza

Double u
Double hiza

Set 4 – Punch def set
Block forearm to forearm

Against jab, cross
Against low jab, cross

1 and 3
Soto blocks
Cross, jab, r maw lo

2 and 4
Soto blocks
Cross, double maw chudan

Against double hooks
Age block
Cross, jab, kingeri

Against j, c oh
Soto blocks
Rear maw chudan, gedan

Against tsuki
Block soto, gedan

Gz, hiza

Double maw

Set 5 – kick def jodan and chudan, forearm block

Against the first two kicks we use deflecting hammer, gedan Barai and chudan morote versions
Mae Geri and mawashi Geri

Counter ABCs
Rear lo maw, hi maw
Gz, hi maw
Lo maw, double chudan maw snap then thrust
Gz, spin hook

Against hiza Geri
Rear arm soto uke
Hiza, jodan maw

Against inside and outside mikazuki Geri
Jodan uke
Lead, rear lo maw, maw
Rear, jab, rear maw

Set 6 gedan defence kick, shin to shin

Rear kick to lead thigh
Lead kick to lead Ben
Rear kick to rear Ben
Lead kick to rear thigh

Against all four attack, shin shield

Block shin, kick with other keg
Block shin, kick with same leg

Def abc

Lead kick to rear thigh – maw chudan, jodan
Rear kick to lead thigh – rear leg kick, triple punch
Lead kick to lead Ben – Ben, r hi maw

With trad kumite we have five methods

Go hon, sanbon, kihon ippon, Jiyu ippon, Jiyu freestyle

We have five techniques to defend

Jodan tsuki
Chudan tsuki
Mae Geri
Mawashi Geri
Kekome yoko Geri

In kihon and Jiyu ippon all of these have 5 responses

In the advanced phase of Jiyu ippon kumite we have 3 more, 3 of each

Kizami tsuki
Gyaku tsuki
Ushiro Geri

In KK kumite we use 5 kick and 5 punch methods

Jodan soto
Gedan soto
Overhand soto
Age hook
Straight, outside block

Mae Geri
Mawashi Geri
Mikazuki Geri crescent
Hiza Geri knee
Gedan ashi Geri low kix