Thai Pad Sets

basic strikes:

J – Jab
C – Cross
Kao – knee
Tiip – push kick – front kick
Dte – round kick

jab and cross
knee – single hand block
same as block 5 from karate star set
round kick

this set also forms the fundamental blocks against
straight punches
long knees
round kicks

J, C, H, r dte, r kao

J, C, H, RH, r kao, double dte

J, C, sok, r sok, r kao, double dte

after J, C, H and the elbow version we use
tiip, dte, kao
the kicks version of JCH

tiip, dte, kao
this is lead kao not rear
clinch – r kao, kao
release and soks – rear, lead
the first ABC has sok lead then rear
this ABC uses rear then lead
kradot kao – jump knee

This set introduces def ABCs

uke attacks tiip, dte, kao
insert counters

tiip – block and r dte
dte – shield and ben dte
kao – block and C

uke C, H – parry, shield
elbows H and C

r dte, dte
C, H
r dte

this set starts with the interception, no telegraphed tiip

tiip, dte, sok, r kao

we then flow into a box ABC:
H, C, H

uke retreats and we follow with a high r dte with follow through

Set 5

a more complex set

uke J, C, H
Csok, Hsok, kao

dte, C, H, kao

r dte, tiip
C, H

uke retreats
high dte with lead leg and follow through