White Tiger Unarmed Combat – Self Defence – Threat Response – Street Fighting


The Water element stands for adaptability. It is the rivers moving over the land, running to the ocean, the rain that falls from the sky.

Water cannot be broken, snapped or grabbed.

In STMA, water is the Self Defence-Unarmed Combat element.

Based on Kempo, Karate, Wing Chun, Jun Fan, Jujutsu, Ninpo Taijutsu, and the empty hand phase of Kali, it is adaptive, defensive, evasive, yet powerful when it crashes in.

Water can arode a mountain and a flood can clear a village or knock down the strongest tree.

“Be like water” Bruce Lee advised his students.

In the body water refers to the blood and the liquids that make life possible.

Classes include: Tool development, lineups, defence and counter drills, attack by combination, HIA traps, locks, chokes, immobilisations, takedowns, KOs, multiple opponent drills, the fence, threat escalation, conflict management.

We cover Energy Drills such as Hubud from Kali, and Chi Sao sparring from Wing Chun, to develop practical, effective  Close Range Combat.

Whether you want to work in security, or just want an effective Self Protection system, we have it all right here.

We’ve adapted the functional training for the streets of UK at the start of the 21st century, so it really is a new streetfighting system. It contains the drills we and our doormen and security personnel practice and use, and it’s fully effective in those scenarios.

Our system is currently taught to Police Officers, Door Supervisors, Prison Officers and Security personnel

Learn from a 7th Degree Black Belt with over 30 years experience