STMA Summer Camp 2019

nin bow

Summer Camp 2019 at the Caterham Outdoor venue – primarily the “crop circle”

This will be the 36th STMA Summer Camp

Our starting focus will be Kempo Jujutsu, and Newaza ground series, grappling on grass, the original environment, as well as Aiki Jutsu projections

We will then be focussing on further on Koryu and Ninjutsu systems, and there will be takedowns and groundwork

While we have been covering a lot of Koto Ryu and Gyokko Ryu, and will include both schools, we will also look at the jutaijutsu of Shinden Fudo Ryu, and the dakentaijutsu of Kukkishin Ryu

From Togakure Ryu we will look at the “Four Treasures” including the use of Shuriken

Weapons to be covered:

Kali sticks
Largo stick
Hanbo of the Kukkishin Ryu
Bo and Tonfa
Bokken sword and Jo staff

This Camp is open to all current members of STMA – we will also be inviting former members from the Caterham and Sanderstead Dojos – Everyone will be welcome and everyone will have the chance to train in both old and new techniques and drill, with both old and new friends

As always our 3 objectives are the same:

Get a good workout
Learn something
Have fun!

For more information, to get in touch, or for directions (new members) email us at